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Mascaras are about the brush, not the brand

Mastering the art of long and prominent lashes can be a tricky battle, mostly lost than won. Ever wondered why you continue to achieve the same clumpy look time and time again? Well, we’ve got a theory and you’re welcome to join in on our debate.


Hypothesis: It’s not the product in the bottle that really makes a difference; it’s the applicator that makes all the difference!

Brushes come in lots of shapes and sizes, have bristles that are more or less densely packed, or have varying degrees of flex. Some separate the lashes to give you that Betty Boop look and some just let you look like your mascara purchase was a waste! Yes, we speak from experience.

Come, venture into our wand shop. Let’s give you some perspective.  Or volume for that matter!


YSL Faux Cils Shocking

Is volume what you’re craving? This brush gives you unquestionably  perfect results! The mascara’s got an amplified helix brush with a twisted cut that provides superfluous volume on the lashes. Its slim brush is designed to elongate lashes – even the tiniest of under lashes and it does so without ruining your brow game. Are you ready to go all Madonna on the world?

**For the uninitiated, helix is a type of smooth space curve.


Diorshow by Dior

This mascara has a plump brush with oversized bristles that sweep a heavy coat of pigment. This one’s massive and it’ll make sure your lashes are full and plush. We promise you, with this runway lash replicator, you won’t need to pine for any attention!

P.S: Keep a Q-tip handy for the big brush might hit your brows.


M.A.C False Lashes 

We’ve left no table unturned in our quest for hot, fluttery lashes. M.A.C False Lashes gives a false lash-like effect which makes you want to forget about those painful glued eyelashes. Its double-lush brush goes smooth and instantly creates a fuller, retro effect. Here’s to the holy-grail of wands that make your eyes pop (adding a plausible chance of making you feel dramatic, gorgeous, retro, sexy!).


Benefit – They’re Real

They’re Real creates a major dramatic look- the one that makes you want to flutter your eyelashes all the time. Its tightly packed bristles on a rubber comb are perfect to create a sculpted look that’s shockingly similar to false lashes. Girl, take the benefit of that wand!


Lancome Hynose

Go bold or go home! This stunner gives you the power of customizing your lash volume game. With every stroke, the patented powerful brush wraps lashes, one luxurious layer at a time without smearing, smudging, or clumping.

Your experience may have taught you to have a smudge here or there, but with this mascara; you’re about to get inducted in a whole new way.

Now. Get. Set. And bat ‘em lashes.

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