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What’s a Facekini, you ask?

Summer is a hop, skip and a throw away. Doesn’t seem like there’s a long time before we find ourselves  scrummaging the net to find ourselves that perfect bathing suit to go along with that perfect sun kissed look. 

A beach getaway is one hell of a holiday, but if you’re the kind who frowns at the thought of a tan (much less tan lines) and are always harping on about the harmful UV rays, then China’s got the answer for you: lo, and behold, the Facekini!

 While it may not be anything close to a bikini, a facekini is part of your beachwear and it’s making the news like you ain’t seen never before. Originated in the Chinese city Qingdao, this accessory was created as an anti-tanning apparatus eons ago. It’s meant to cover the neck, head and the face region. Breathe easy, it does leave holes to breathe and see out of. Good, bad or bizarre, the Chinese have certainly found the best sunblock in town! And boy is it grotesque (our take, you can have yours in the comments section).

You can pair it with your bathing suit, a bikini or a burqini, all are a compatible fit for this accessory. Yes, the model looks pretty rad in this facekini, but no, we don’t think that regular people will be able to pull the facekini panache the same way.

We can’t say if this one stands a chance to replace the sunblock anytime soon, but if we were you, we’d advise that you embrace the light like the Sun God expected you to. If not, there’s always an indoor pool for you. Now your turn, yay or nay?

Image credits: Alexandra Uttzman

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  1. Anonymous

    Has this come to India

    1. sieve

      If we see it someplace, we’ll surely let you know!


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