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What’s a Bralet, you ask?

Do you get excited at the words lingerie, bustiers and boudoir? We’re about to get you even more pumped about a new addition to your lingerie drawer. Here’s introducing (or should I say enlightening?) the BRALET!
You no more need to only look forward to buying underwear without the pantylines, bralets are the perfect fusion of a bra and a top. It’s the new it thing.  I recommend this for a day when you’re trying to pull off the subtle Madonna (sans the infamous Jean Paul Gaultier’s bra, that is). Or for whenever you feel like it.

Trust us! This parisian flared delicacy will take a place (or two) very quickly in your wardrobe and your heart. So go ahead and craft a sexy look to welcome spring 2015 in style!

What can a bralet do? Speak confidence and pizzazz.

How should you wear it?

  • As a sexy under-top, layer it under a blazer for drinks with the girls.
  • Like an LBC. That being the Little Bold Camisole.

What a bralet cannot be?

  • A crop top. Crop tops aren’t even this attractive!
  • A Sports Bra
  • A Desi choli (Please, for the love of God and Merlot, NO!)

I’m off to buy my seventh pair, wish me luck!


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