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Turbans through the times

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From being an Afro-American favourite of women to being a religious head-gear for Sardars, turbans have been trend setters from the beginning of time. While most of you must have only noticed them on the likes of Rachel Zoe and Sarah Jessica Parker, let’s take you through its timeline of trend setters.

1920: Ace designer and popularly known as the “IT” fashion expert of his time, Paul Poiret brought the turban and headband trend to life in the 1920’s with the Flapper turban. Release your inner Gatsby!

1930: Then came the era of Sweden superstar, Greta Garbo. She enchanted all lovers of fashion with her love for reading and travelling. Wrapping a lightweight fabric as a headgear might seem innocent, but not so much when you’re passing a fashion statement.

1962: Out of the many beautiful things she was accredited for, Grace Kelly was definitely known for spearheading the turban parade in her times. The picture is of her wrapping the turban the classic way.

1970: Barbra Streisand struts the flattering turban (which was popularized as a head wrap in the 70’s) at the premiere of The Way We Were.

1970: Twiggy! Her nonchalance and the swinging seventies were about this sweltering turban she wore to a shoot.

 2009: Reprising her role as a designer at Topshop, Kate Moss could be seen wearing the turban frequently. Not a big of this style of turban, but hey, you can never go wrong with a turban!

 2014: Jean Paul Gaultier changed the whole game of Pagdi’s and Safa’s and turned them into a global style statement when he launched his spring/summer 2013 collection for men.

And now that you’re up to date with the turban trend setters, watch out for our turban tutorial. Or better yet, send us your requests for the style you’d like a DIY step guide for!

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