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Wearable technology is the future of the humankind as we know it. Soon the need to have actual devices will be eliminated with most functions being incorporated into our bodies or our surroundings. Did you ever think that your weekly manicure could be one of them? Thanks to some kickass women (and men) science is waking up to the fact that beauty and brains need not be mutually exclusive! Over the course of the last couple of years we’ve seen a number of amazing techno-nails and SIEVE brings out some of its favourites.


Stylus Nails : If you have ever had medium or long nails, you know how hard it is to type or even select something on your smartphone. Elektra Nails (formerly Nano Nails) solves this tricky problem by providing false nails that are designed to act as a smartphone stylus. Elektra Nails, which can be applied like any other false nail, conduct the natural energy of the body through it to the touchscreen of your phone.

Sensor Nails : L.A based design students, Kritina Ortega & Jenny Rodenhouse have opened a ‘sensor salon’ where you can get nail art with some unbelievable tech extras. They create each function as per the client’s request, sensors to unlock car doors without using keys, LED screen nails that flash ‘Back Off’ when someone gets too close and more. They can also help curb bad habits using XBee microcontrollers, one on the object, let’s say chocolate cake, and one on your nail. The microcontrollers send out a warning vibration when you get too close to the cake through your nail, stopping you from later regrets.

3D Printed Nails : 3D printing is taking over the world, with everything from shoes to dollhouses being made using this amazing technology. The Laser Girls, comprising Dhemerae Ford and Sarah C. Awad, are using it to make false nails that will have any fashionista drooling. The nails feature elaborate 3D designs which would be impossible to replicate with precision using the average nail art tools.

Photograph Nails : While this isn’t exactly wearable tech, we love the mix of tech and art in this venture. Nail Snaps is an app which allows you to transform any picture from anywhere, of anything, into nail wraps. The app provides a stencil for you and once the design is done, an order is placed at the company HQ for your customized nail wraps. The wraps are themselves incredibly easy to apply and we for one can feel our fingers itching to try this out!

Don’t you wish for some wearable tech of your own? Tell us in the comments what you’d like your nails to do!

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