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Paris Fashion Week: Beauty is in the Bizarre

What is beautiful and who gets to decide that? After going through hours of stills from various collections at the Paris Fashion Week, we’ve decided to pick our favourite showstoppers. While everyone did their woop! woop! at the Zoolander sighting during Valentino’s show, we’ve got something that tops even that! You may find them bizarre, but we’re here to make you see their beauty through the uncluttered eyes of SIEVE.

Simon Porte Jacquemus’ collection was everything from being blurry, uncanny to just being downright beautiful. It reminded us of childlike women, of surrealism, of perspective, of identity and it left us with a thought that deserves to be paid more attention to than the hemline of your dress.

Her TWO FACE models nailed the sentiment. As people, we’re pretty, we’re bold, we’re smart, we’re irrational, we’re selfish, we’re kind, we don’t usually have just one face and we’re impossible to decode in a line. Her statement with the two faces was hands-down-tongue-tied-sick-to-the-stomach-heart-breaking and achingly beautiful! This is the beauty of fashion – it has the power to represent the fabric of society. Thumbs up times galore.

While face painting may not make itself mainstream, but that does not and hasn’t stopped us from appreciating it. And hey? You could totally wear it to those crazy parties where you can let the boring people talk to your painted face.

Next up, the #FreeTheNipple movement has found its way to the Paris Fashion Week! And we for one are rooting for it full throttle! You don’t need to be there to witness the beauty of this naked dress, you just need to think deep enough to let this one mesmerise you. Think about it: if the sight of male nipples isn’t offensive, why should female nipples be treated any differently?

paris fashion week-03 copy

Fashion — like art or music — is a medium to reach out, to express our desires and voice our opinions; we’d like to think that Rick Owens had an underlying message behind his beauty looks for the runway. He took us on an outer world experience where his models looked like shooting stars with their shimmering faces. Our interpretation? Let your outer beauty shine. Can we wear it on the street? No. But do we want to? Hella yeah.

Oh Chanel. How you’re never ever dull. Chanel’s catwalk was not really a runway but an elaborate lunch at the café. The collection was set in a Parisian brasserie staffed with real servers. With baguettes, chardonnay, crepes, macaroons, models in classic black-and-white (inspired from the French waitress’ uniform), we got a show that showcases the brilliance and whimsical fancies of one Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.

And lastly, a #HeForShe and a #SheForHe; unisex and androgyny are two terms on fire right now… and are also now out in the open with Vivienne Westwood’s show. The runway was all about women in broad masculine coats and men were parading around in dresses. The aura that it created? Simply divine…We’re dying to see this fashion forward trend in person and we hope the wait isn’t too long!

Image Credits:, I.d.vice, Elle, Artisnotdead, TheCut.

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