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Lemons as deodorants!

The temperatures have risen, the humidity is on its way, the sweat’s about to drench your clothes…and what’s that one thing you’ll need to combat all of these changes? A good and reliable deodorant. Preferably one without any carcinogenic ingredients. And this is where Sieve comes in. We bring you LEMONS! And instead of a lemonade, you get to make a deodorant out of them.

We sweat for a reason and yet we spend billions a year to stop or mask the smell of our sweat. But did you know that sweat is nearly odourless? The stench comes from bacteria that break down one of two types of sweat on your skin. Most people don’t smell as bad as they think they do and there’s a way to find out if you do or not…examining your earwax (gross, yes! Informative? Definitely!) If your ear muck is white and flaky, ditch that deo; if it’s sticky and dark… not so soon!

Deodorants may kill the bacteria and antiperspirants may effectively stop your eccrine sweat glands from secreting, but what you may not know is that a few studies in recent years have theorized that the aluminium in these products may increase the risk for breast cancer.

We’ve found the most natural, effective, refreshing way to reduce/eliminate your body odour and guess what, it only costs 20 rupees! Lemons! These little minions have the power to not only keep you from stinking all day but to also keep you free from rashes. Squeeze few drops on your armpits after your shower or take a couple of spoons in your cupped palm and apply it to your armpits. It dries pretty quickly. If you’re armpits are recently shaved, give it a day or two till you use the natural antiperspirant. The citric acid in the lemon juice is a natural way of killing the odour causing bacteria and we promise you, this works better than ANY deodorant you’ve ever used.

Head to the nearest sabzi mandi, buy half a dozen to last you for the week, try it and tell us how you liked it in the comments below!

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