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Men’s Make-up. It’s a real thing.

We all know that some men do wear make-up; the punks, the actors, the flamboyant etc. but what if all men we know wore make-up? Our boyfriends, brothers, bosses, subordinates, fathers? As far-fetched and surreal that notion might seem to you, the reality is that everyday makeup for men is becoming immensely popular globally.

While that cave-man inside might be growling for my blood for saying this, but truthfully, men need make-up as much as women. Look at Tinder, OKCupid or even offline blind dates, we judge men on their appearance and balls to everyone who says they see the personality, the mind matters come later, after you think ‘oh thank god he is cute’.

The world of fashion knows this better than anyone and are capitalizing on it big time. One after another, designers are releasing make-up lines for men either a standalone collection or merging them in with skincare lines to subvert the femininity of the word ‘make-up. SIEVE unclutters the market and shows you make-up for men in all its glory.

The dapper man that he is, Tom Ford felt the men on the street needed some help to reach his potential. The ace designer’s collection has a Concealer in three shades, a Bronzing Gel, a Hydrating Lip Balm and three different beard oils with a beard comb among other skincare products.

Primal Skin, the Annemiek Van Der Beek collection by the Design Academy Eindhoven, contains a vast range of products and variations all made from natural ingredients like coal, clay and mineral stone. Products include natural foundation, powder, eye pencil, eyeliner and even a pair of tweezers! The striking packaging made with black-pigmented MDF is a winner too.

Marc Jacobs decided to tread the waters very cautiously by making his beauty line unisexual instead of outright male. Promoted as ‘Marc’s Essentials’ the line contains an eyebrow gel Brow Tamer, Remedy concealer in seven shades and LipLock lip balm in mint.


The embodiment of flamboyance himself, Jean Paul Gaultier is no stranger to make-up himself and wants the men of the world to follow suit. The Monsieur line has a powder bronzer with brush, a fluid bronzer, a Velvet Skin Corrector foundation, a lip balm, a brow definer and an eyeliner pencil.

With all that down and dusted, who’s in for some glam?

**If you’d like to buy these products for yourself or your loved one, click on the images and it will take you to its online purchase. Happy shopping!

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