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Let’s make 2015 about genderless fashion

Most of us have grown up hearing things like, “girls don’t sit like this”“girls don’t swear”, “girls don’t wear clothes like boys” etcetera etcetera…Given that Women’s Day just passed us, we must take it upon ourselves to celebrate the new wave of fashion, one that doesn’t need to be restricted to your sex or your gender. Adapt a masculine edge if you want and throw away terminology like “boyfriend’s shirt/boyfriend’s jeans” from your fashion vocabulary.

Let us tell you something that you’ve known along: Gender does not define your fashion. Neither does your sex. So if you’d like to wear masculine cut suits, go for it. If you want to rock those suspenders, go for it. Women needn’t be bound to an ideal of fashion or beauty to define them. RECLAIM FASHION.

Our article is dedicated to all men and women who wear whatever the fuck they want!


Street Strut Wear: shout outs to the millennials who’ve been sporting dungarees all around. The dungarees are back and we’ve been spotting a lot of these lately, even the streets of London during the Fashion week witnessed the resurrection of this 90’s cult fashion item!

Emanuel Ungaro: #HeForShe? Paris Fashion Week’s collection was boldly intertwined with androgynous pieces. Maybe it’s the feminist wave that’s making its way to everybody’s manifesto, but even the style Gods are taking note. “Who cares, don’t let society force you into a feminine frock bubble.”

You don’t need overloaded machismo to pull off this Saint Laurent look from the Paris Fashion Week. And you don’t need big boobs either! You just need to act like a boss.

Suspenders make men and women look swoon-worthy! No, seriously, this accessory is bold AND dapper. There are diverse ways to don this gender-bender accessory; the classic way is our fav.

Tailored pieces always tantalise. Elevate your androgynous style by styling your tux with tailored shorts. Women these days need no labels to define their style or sexuality. To be honest, a good perfume, whether a man’s or a woman’s would smell good either way; genderized fashion can no longer fool us!

Image credits: Vogue, Urban Outfitters, Refinery29.

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