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Don’t throw away your Flared Jeans!

Old School Fashion

We’re not going retro nor are we reminiscing about the past. We’re happy where we are. Though that doesn’t mean that we can’t shed some light on the trends that keep coming back. Because what goes out of style, as the title suggests, always comes back in style!

Now we’re all are familiar with runway déjà vu. We’ve seen tacky trends come back to life. The doors of fashion keep revolving; a 70’s trend can as easily be a hit in 2015. It’s a guarantee that after a twenty-year dormancy, fashion trends always return. And SIEVE’s decided to take you on a fashion timeline through the years.


 Dungarees and Boot Cut Jeans

Dungarees: It first grabbed eyeballs when Brutus Jeans got them back in 1970’s and when the girls of TLC wore them for a performance. The dungaree trend came back in fashion last year when all the fashion bloggers and celebs started donning them.

The Boot cut Jean: A.K.A bell-bottoms and flares. These denims were despised by Regina George (throwing some Mean Girls jargon here, keep up, will ya?), but seems like the new-old bootcut will be spotted on the streets once more and how. Bootcut has raided the boho and millennial clan’s closets all over again, so much so that even a Burberry couldn’t neglect them.


Wayfarers and Hoops

Wayfarers: There’s not a hipster in town who doesn’t own a pair (me, included). And if you don’t, please know that these are never going to make you look like you don’t belong to this era. The wayfarer was loved by Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Madonna and many people alike. And now we’ve seen best of the world wear it. What are you waiting for?

Hoops: Remember Natalie Woods in the 1960s? Hoops haven’t stopped creating the diva glamour ever since then! Right from ace designers to show stopper models have adorned them gloriously.


Body-con and Skinny Jeans


Hourglass to body-con: The bodycon dress has been made immensely popular by Max Azria when he took over designer Hervé Léger’s label in the recent years. But we all know the dress was formerly also known as the Hourglass dress. Hope you’re channeling your sultry diva one of these evenings in a similar dress?

Skinny Jeans: Extremely tapered/fitted bottoms or skinny jeans were worn by veterans like Debbie Harry and Audrey Hepburn. They were then again spotted in the 1980’s by the cast of the popular rock band, Metallica and are still worn to make a statement. However, these days the skinny jeans seem to be losing the battle to mom jeans.


Animal Print and Turban

Animal Prints: Wild. Fierce. Racy. These are the exact words playing on our minds when we think animal print. There hasn’t been a day or a moment when Animal prints went “out” of trend. The trend is strongly identified with sultry superstars like Bettie Paige, Ann-Margret and now Sofia Vergara (Modern Family, anyone?)

Turban: It first arrived as a diva MUST DO and a sign of sass in the 17th century. Women wore it as an expression of fashion and also topped it as a hair accessory. Barbara Streisand was always seen romanticizing this expression. And then Kate Moss did this to us!

And that’s about that for a fashion retrospective. As promised, there are some staples that never go “out” of fashion, so don’t throw away yours before doing your research! Do you have any timeless favourites that we’ve missed out on?

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