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#DIY Hair Glitter


No need to play the ‘Never have I ever’ game with us. We know that you’ve tried the hair mascaras, pastel hair chalks and those bizarre coloured hair sprays. But haaave you given hair glitter a try yet?

Hate on it if you want, but hair glitter is all the rage these days. All editorial shoots, runway shows and celeb makeup stylists started with a, “What? Eww. That is so done!!!” Enter 2015, and now they’re saying, “OH…Interesting. Why not?”

So here’s a pretty easy #DIY for you to get the runway look at home. It’ll take minimal effort and 203 muscles to pull this off. Okay, not sure about the muscle power but it’s the lazy girl’s best bet.

Here’s what you need. And this is all you really, truly (no hidden tax), literally need.

Glitter dust. Hair gel. Mixing brush. Concoction on hair. Let it dry. Voilà!

In case you’re even lazier than we initially thought, you can buy Major Moonshine Glitter’s products. They impart a supersonic shine with a gel texture that glides on hair and dries to a durable, sparkling finish. They may not ship to India but here’s your cue to start troubling all those NRI relatives.

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