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Bra Holders to the rescue


Kya aap apni bra straps se pareshaan hai? Kya aapki bra straps aapko fashion forward kapde enjoy nahi karne deti? To le aayein hain hum aapke liye, BRA HOLDERS!

Colloquial drama aside, these convenient bra strap holders help stop straps from slipping of off your shoulders, they transform a regular bra into a racer back style and they’re super comfortable to wear!

For the women who’re always trying to discretely shove their bra straps underneath their shirts out of the fear of embarrassment the bra-strap showcase will cause, these are perfect for your comfort. For the women who hate showing their bra straps because it kills the look of your entire outfit, this is your go-to item; it keeps your bra straps hidden and you can adjust it in the back to suit your desired look. And lastly, for the women who are perpetually struggling with loose bra straps, it enables support and gives that perfect lift that women are always seeking. You can wear it with formal, casual and beach wear.

The bra holders or strappers are made of soft flexible plastic and elastic material so that they’re harder to snap or break and comfortable to wear.

How do you wear them? Simply attach, wear and go! Watch the quick video to learn of the problem solvers called bra strappers.

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