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Bleached Eyebrows, it’s a thing!

It took nothing more than one Ms. Cara Delevingne to convince the world that bleached eyebrows could be, you know, a thing. While some professionals are of the opinion that bleaching eyebrows is a super no-no move, we personally (along with the collective voices from the crowd) believe that it’s your choice.

During a runway strut, Cara exposed to the camera a stunning black bold bleached eyebrows look. Inspired by this new fashion statement, a couple of (couple sorta means 10) celebrities decided to bleach them blonde! Note: this includes men celebs as well. Well, from the looks of it, it’s a rather mundane move for Miley comparatively! We’re calling this her Voldemort look; it’s a compliment to him, really.

While these women make their new look appear all sass, all things sassy too come with a dash of bitter. Bleaching involves chemicals, pungent odours, loss of hair pigment, redness, itching and of course increased/decreased density of hair. Make sure to visit your skin specialist before you step into making this fierce makeover move.

Since you’ve decided to go for it, just make sure you have an appropriate reference in hand.

Don’t judge her people, she’s a pop-star! Whatever she sells, we usually end up buying.

Though, a non-chalant tip from us, choose your eyebrow colour wisely, one that suits your lifestyle so you don’t end up regretting it. For Blondes, we suggest you go in for something darker and deeper that enhances your colour. A sharp edge to your eyebrow curve and you’re good to go. Well, obviously, this is if you want to play safe. For those who fancy wild, go bold with neon colours.

Redheads, matching your eyebrows to your hair colour is crucial. More often than not, natural redheads do not have red eyebrows. Go in for a pumpkin hue or brunette, or you know, if you’re all in for it, go red. Peeps with mixed hair colours, GO CRAY! Use colours like a purple, pink, or who knows, maybe both?

While we’re all for celebrating individual fashion and all, DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME. There are dozens of specialists around the corner and you must definitely visit one to get this done.

So all you have to do now is paint them. Shoot us your selfie. Strut it in general.

Image credits: imabeautygeek, mypassionidea, Patrick Demarchelier, kellyeden.tumblr

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