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A Haircut here, a haircut there, a haircut everywhere!

When it comes to personal style and grooming, the working women of Mumbai set the benchmark for professional and put-together élan. However, in-between the late nights and the weekend rush, they ignore or fob off one very important grooming aspect; the haircut or the trim.

Someone out there must have been listening to our wails and bemoaning our laziness because suddenly Sin O’Hair popped onto our radar! The quirky Bandra-based salon, it turns out, has an exclusive mobile hair-styling service which even travels to nearby(ish) cities like Pune and Bangalore! Much intrigued, we opted for the service ourselves and selected some worthies to be the subject of experimentation from our team.

Cut to D-Day and we have cheerful Mayank Nene patiently explaining the nitty-gritties of the proposition to us. “It began actually as a way to keep our long-term clients happy while the salon was getting renovated.” He reminiscences when asked about the origins of the mobile salon, “but then word spread and people loved that they could get everything done at home without travelling themselves! So we decided to add it on as a permanent feature and now it’s our mainstay!”
The ‘we’ here refers to Mayank and his sister, Mayuri who are the fabulous duo who are the brains, talent and voices of Sin O’Hair. Apart from hair styling, they also excel at hair colouring and even fab spa treatments.

Back to the office, this writer took an extremely nerve-racking decision to go for a pixie cut, while another colleague Aarti Bhalla opted to abandon her protective cloud of layers and steps. I was terrified but Mayank’s calm demeanour, went a long way in convincing me that everything will turn out alright and I will not look like a chubby British bloke instead. (Aarti reserved her judgement till my turn was done)


The ‘station’ for the styling session for everyone was my good ol office chair, with some of Mayank’s tools on my desk and that’s all! Thus began the longest haircut of my life, one where I kept my eyes closed till it was nearly over. I only opened them because of all the gasps and exclamations I could hear from the crowd (what crowd?!) and saw that most of office had decided to play spectator to my triumph/fall. But as I looked through the faces, I saw admiration, amazed appreciation and envy to the accompaniment of whispers like ‘she should have done this before’ ‘now I want a pixie too’ ‘looks damn hot’

Boy, were they understating the facts; when I looked into the mirror I knew I was definitely the hottest thing I have ever seen! Mayank had done wonders for my overall facial structure and look, a long-wide fringe on one side neatly slimmed my chubby face while the short fuzz at the nape brought out the length of my neck.


Seeing these fantastic results Aarti opted to go for a cut as well but not one drastic, she’d always been the one who keeps layers or steps she explained to Mayank so she’d like to try something different to that. Mayank heard her out, got to know more about her personality and work-life a little and then proceeded to work his magic yet again. Aarti was a transformed woman with a sleek bob which followed her hair’s natural fall and highlighted her pointed chin to perfection! Being at management level, the cut was great for her, being a power-dressing accessory when sleek and a fun mess for playtime!

So girls if you’re looking to amp up your hair game without sacrificing your time, call Sin O’Hair and sample a hair miracle wherever you want; at home, at work or even in the middle of the road!



Timings: 9:00am to 9:00pm

Days: All seven days

Number: 08976562225

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